MILE Group's own companies
Joint assets (more than 51% owned by MILE Group)
Under license and associate memberships

Research and analytics

Romir is the largest independent research group in Eastern Europe. It has deep expertise in researching various market and social phenomena with focus on people’s economic behavior.

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Gallup International is the largest and best-known global association of independent agencies that carry out research projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. MILE Group is the exclusive partner of Gallup International in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

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GlobalNR (initially Euronet) is a multi-country consortium of professional research companies, from around the world, working to the same standards and ideals. MILE Group exclusively represents GlobalNR in Russia.

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Platform-based solutions

MILE Data implements the People Data Technology (PDT), a unique framework to analyze and predict human behavior. Verification and enrichment of input through PDT allows structuring big data and have continuous monitoring of the needs of real people in order to build personalized consumer targeting and forecast their behavior.

IRi integrates the world’s largest set of otherwise disconnected purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data to help CPG, retail, over-the-counter health care and media companies grow their businesses. IRi works with more than 50 top retailers worldwide, including eight out of ten largest retailers in the U.S. and seven out of ten in the UK. MILE Group is the exclusive partner of IRi Liquid Data® in Russia.

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Customer experience management

MILE Audit provides outlets census, shelf availability and price monitoring sales team quality audit and retail tracking services. The approach is to give businesses easy to use turnkey solution that would allow maximizing value and effective management of their services.

Mystery Shopping is a marketing research method that allows companies operating in competitive environment to measure the quality of service, job performance and regulatory compliance. Quality of service assessment is vital for companies aiming at increasing brand loyalty. iMystery is a member of the international professional association MSPA that unites more than 400 companies all over the world.

Advertising and communications

MILE Digit develops and implements comprehensive marketing strategies based on innovative research and analytics of consumer behavior from Romir. The targeted data-based approach allows building relevant and tailored communications with the customers.

MILE RAPP is the Russian branch of global creative agency that builds high-value relationships between brands and people. RAPP is a part of one of the largest global media and corporate communications holding companies Omnicom Group, headquartered in New York.

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Vyrka Golf Club is a country golf club near the Russian city of Kaluga which aims at building a community and promoting certain lifestyle. The club’s key values are about protecting the environment, creating heritage, and promoting Scottish golf tradition. The venue allows holding top-quality events with a perfect view next to a natural reserve.

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